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Skt. Knuds Kirkestræde 2A, 5000 Odense
+45 61 70 55 48


Instagram: @papaspapbar

  • A couple of days ago my 8 year old daughter asked me if had anyhting else but board games on my brain 🤔😂 Not having Papas to play games at is starting to take it's toll on my family I think 😉 So instead of playing board games I've been more occupied with playing Minecraft with the kids and shooting a bit of video with board game recommendations for great family games. They will be up on our FB page and the first one is Stop Thief! from @restorationgames #papaspapbar #coronacon #stopthief #brætspil #boardgames #tabletopgames #brettspiele #brettspill #brädspel
  • CoronaCon Day 9: A Tale of Pirates. This was actually Game of the Month at Papas back in 2017. Unfortunately it didn't really work very well in a café setting beause of the heavy app usage and the cardboard ship that quickly would see a lot of wear and tear. I brought one of the old copies with me home this week to play with the kids. The real time aspect of the game was to stressful for the 8-year old but the 6-year old loved it. That being said she's still a bit too young and I'm making most of the decisions. For an easy going campaign game to play with older kids I think this works quite well. With 10 missions replay value could be an issue if you're looking for a game with more longevity #ataleofpirates #papaspapbar #coronacon #brætspil #boardgames #tabletopgames #brettspiele #brettspill #brädspel
  • CoronaCon Day 8: The Teenager. It's not really a game, but you might have heard of  it before. They are very shy and as such it's very difficult to get a photo of them. They usually come unannounced and stay at your home for an unspecified period of time. Although they are rarely seen the amount of food they consume is a clear evidence of their existence. Rumor has it that some people give them names to make them feel more human, but I'm not sure this is true. Luckily for us OUR teenager has shown himself more than once during the last couple of weeks - probably due to the corona crisis ❤️ These are weird times indeed 😉 have you seen any teenagers lately at your home? #papaspapbar #coronacon #theteenager #pyramid #brætspil #boardgames
  • CoronaCon Day 7: Time Stories Revolution: The Hadal Project. Although it has seen quite a lot of plays at Papas, I've never been a big fan of the original Time Stories. As a choose-your-adventure type game I often felt that it got bogged down by weird rules and clunky game mechanisms that got in the way of the storytelling. The new reboot doesn't change that imo but if you liked the first run of the series, I guess you will like this as well. I'm still not a fan 😥 Apparently Kirsty thought the Hadal Project was awesome 😜🤔 I will admit that it's way easier to play campaign games at Papas at the moment - we can just leave everything on the table for the next day 😉 #papaspapbar #coronacon #timestories #hadalproject #brætspil #boardgames #tabletopgames #brettspiele #brettspill #brädspel
  • CoronaCon Day 6: Space Base by @aegminions This is perhaps the best of the Machi Koro style dice chuckers I've played. A bit to complex for the 8-year old (the charge ability is a bit hard to grasp) but with older kids I would think this is a winner. Some of our game gurus play this quite often 😁 It plays relatively quick, goes up to 5 players (although I think it's best with 3-4) and you are constantly engaged with the game 👍 #papaspapbar #coronacon #spacebase #brætspil #boardgames #brettspiele #brettspill #brädspel
  • CoronaCon Day 5: The Crew by @kosmos_verlag The hype is real with this one! A cooperative trick taking game sounds really weird and if you, like me, usually stay away from trick taking games you would probably not give this game a chance. Well, I did and I can tell you now that it would be a big mistake not to try it. The Crew is just an awesome little card game that has that "just one more round!" quality to it. Highly recommended with 4 players #papaspapbar #coronacon #thecrew #brætspil #boardgames #tabletopgames #brettspiele #brettspill #brädspel
  • CoronaCon Day 4: Blitzkrieg! This fast 2-player game has gotten a lot of praise lately and it's well deserved. The theme is not THAT strong but you can do a lot worse when it comes to 20-30 min. games for two. If you're looking for a tense little tug of war filler where every decision matters you should definitely check out Blitzkrieg! #papaspapbar #coronacon #blitzkrieg! #boardgames #tabletopgames #brætspil #brettspill #brädspel #brettspiele
  • CoronaCon Day 3: Pyramid. A light family game that works great with kids. The "magical"  movement of the mummy using  magnets combined with scary sounds (produced by myself and not included in the game box 😉) creates a lot of excitement for young players 😋😁🤩 we're playing the old edition from @ravensburgerglobal but the new edition called Pyramid of Pengqueen  is exactly the same afaik - it just has a weird penguin theme going on 🤔 #papaspapbar #coronacon #pyramid #boardgames #brætspil #tabletopgames #brettspill #brädspel #brettspiele
  • CoronaCon Day 2: Stop Thief! from @restorationgames 🤘 With kids and the new cooperative mode in the 2nd edition, it's an absolute blast. The use of an app has also proven to be an excellent way of getting the 6 year old on board as she's usually more tempted towards digital games. We've only played it once, but at the moment it's a winner! #papaspapbar #coronacon #stopthief #brætspil #boardgames #tabletopgames #brettspill #brädspel

Hvad siger Papas gæster?

“Fantastisk sted at tilbringe formiddag, eftermiddag, aften eller en hel dag. Dropper man de kendte spil og lader Papas guruer rådgive en, så åbner der sig en helt ny verden.
P.S Deres cortado er en af de bedste jeg har smagt.”

Kristoffer Vest 3. oktober 2017

“Hyggeligt sted med god ekspertise. De ved omtrent alt om alle spil – det er fedt. Har prøvet et nyt spil hver gang med stor succes 😊”

Ditte Folden Vind 8. juni 2017

“Dejligt sted! Gode drikkevare, venlig betjening, sjove spil og fantastisk stemning. Nemt og hurtigt at bestille bord her over facebook. Udover skønne brætspil får man også mulighed for at smage på drikkevare man ikke har prøvet før, og der er et fint udvalg af specialøl.
Kan varmt anbefales til en aften med vennerne, første date, forældre på besøg og eller en hyggelig eftermiddag.”

Emma Thyra Lund 8. maj 2017

“Indretningen af rummet giver en hel speciel stemning af at træde ind i en norsk bjælkehytte, hvor pejsen buldre i hjørnet og sneen raser og trommer på ruderne, alt imens du i selskab med venner og bekendte kan begive jer ind i nye imaginære verdener.”

Rasmus Kromann 11. september 2017

“Har længe gerne ville have været forbi jer, men det blev så i lørdags! Det var undskyld min franske røv hyggeligt og super fed stemning.
Blev så betaget af stemning jeg valgte med det samme at købe et årskort!
Man kunne ikke undgå at hører menneskerne omkring en grinede, småsludrede eller slog i bordet, hvis de tabte 😀
Super fedt konceptet i har fået på benene der og kommer helt sikkert igen og tager gerne flere med :)”

Frederik Møller 3. juli 2016

“Jeg elsker at komme på Papas, og en tur hjem til Odense betyder som regel også en tur på Papas og en masse sjove brætspil. Stort udvalg af spil og drikkevarer, og dejligt personale! Hvis jeg skal nævne een negativ ting ved Papas er det, at den ikke ligger i København så jeg kan komme noget oftere (og nej; Bastard i KBH er bare ikke det samme)”

Franciska Kirkegaard Flugt 7. august 2017

“Super hyggelig cafe, rigtig mange øko produkter i “baren” og det er nice. Masser af gode boardgames i forkellige genre og varianter, og den helt rigtige stemning til at lade timerne gå i godt selskab.”

Tore Nørtoft 29. december 2017