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Skt. Knuds Kirkestræde 2A, 5000 Odense
+45 61 70 55 48


Instagram: @papaspapbar

  • "Oh wow Papa! What a great idea to sell Keyforge decks at the café! And you even have the components needed to play!" - Yeah it's a pretty nifty idea and one we came up with all by ourselves. We didn't get it from somewhere else that's for sure, certainly not from any other board game café in... let's say.. Copenhagen.. definitely not from a board game café called @bastard_cafe ... oh no.. not at all 😋
#keyforge #UDG #fantasyflightgames #papaspapbar #brætspil #boardgames
  • I have to admit - I was very sceptical when @fantasyflightgames announced their new card game Keyforge at #gencon this summer. But I guess I'm always a bit sceptical when it comes to hyped games ;) Now that I've played it, I can tell you that it's actually pretty good and apparently I'm not the only one who thinks this. It seems like it's all the rage - also here at #papaspapbar where it's Game of the Month in December! We celebrate this with a tournament tonight (sold out a week ago 😱) and it's free to play for the rest of the month! Will Keyforge stand the test of time? I have no idea, but it's incredibly easy to get into and compared to other card games like Magic, you can invest as much as a single deck and still have a great time -  It doesn't have to be a lifestyle #keyforge #uniquedeckgame #udg #brætspil #boardgames #tabletopgames #brettspiele #bordspel #brädspel
  • Solving murder mysteries with your ex-wife detective in London sounds like a true modern crime-story with some really interesting personal dramas 😋 Unfortunately the new Chronicles of Crime didn't really wow us the way we had hoped. Even though it has gotten a lot of buzz and great reviews, the digital implementation was too much for us. I didn't feel like we were playing an actual board game and the whole pseudo-VR crime scene thing didn't really live up to the hype imo.  It will soon be on our shelves - so go try it out for yourself ;)
#papaspapbar #bloodandorgans #chroniclesofcrime #brætspil #boardgames #tabletopgames #brettspiele #bordspel #brädspel
  • Arkham Horror 3rd edition from @fantasyflightgames is like a B-horror movie where you laugh at how bad it is and in a masochistic way find some form of enjoyment. Except you don't laugh and you do not enjoy yourself 😱 You are just wishing the game would end instead of going on for 2-3+ hours - but it doesn't. 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈 Arkham Horror 3rd edition is perhaps more streamlined than it's predecessor but still relies on oudated mechanisms and systems that in my opinion should not be found in a board games released today. 🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉🙉 "Ohh but wait Papa, you got it all wrong! Arkham Horror is not about the system at all! It's about getting into the theme! getting yourself immersed with your friends in the cool horror setting that the game provides!"
- Well... reading a bunch of flavor text on cards is not my idea of playing through a cool narrative and through an immersive experience, it just doesn't work for me. The previous version was released 13 years ago and since then story-driven games have come a long way. Hell, FGG even did it better with Mansions of Madness (Which I DO like a lot) the codex system reminds me of Legends of Andor which did it better imo (which is now 6 years ago). 🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊🙊 I will admit that I never really liked the whole Arkham/Eldritch series of games so take my opinion with a grain of salt (always do that btw 😜) . If YOU on the other hand like these games you should definitely check out Arkham Horror 3rd ed. - soon to be found in our library

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  • Someone PLEASE call the Michelin Guide, because this new Panini at #papaspapbar is absolutely incredible! 🌮

Have you tried it?  #michelinworthy #foodporn #photoshoplevel9000
  • As an avid board game collector and enthusiast it's not easy when you have to get rid of games. We've postponed this day for a very long time, but after 2,5 years our collection had grown into a swirling vortex of cardboard doom that nearly swallowed us all. The other day I and one of our gurus dived into the darkness and after 12 hours we came out on the other side - still alive and with space for new games 💪 Until next year! 😂 
#papaspapbar #boardgameculling #brætspil #boardgames #tabletopgames #brettspiele #bordspel #brädspel
  • So it turns out that @mcgashin and I are terrible detectives - who would have thought!? Although we did find the culprit, we also managed to piss off every single passenger on the Orient Express when we were forced to halt the train for over an hour just outside constantinople 😂 we will go into hiding until things have cooled down. Maybe you can you do better? Dead Man on the Orient Express by @kosmos_verlag is now available at #papaspapbar 😱😱😱 #exitthegame #escaperoom #brætspil #boardgames #tabletopgames #brettspiele #bordspel #brädspel
  • The artwork and the integration of setting and mechanisms in the new Treasure Island by @editionsmatagot is absolutely AMAZING. Drawing lines in the board, and using various clues to find the hidden treasure is just pure FUN. It's just incredibly satisfying and produces a wonderful visual experience that is very immersive.

Gameplay wise it's not perfect. Being Long John Silver is not easy and often your posibilites seem a bit restrictive. Just like other 1vsMany games it felt more like you were the GM trying to make the other players have a good time. Still, the setting really works and it's possibly one of the most thematic cool games I've ever played. Unfortunately we won't be seeing  this game at #papaspapbar - Because of the drawing and the different colored pens I don't think it would work very well at a board game café :( #treasureisland #longjohnpapa #bordspel #boardgames #brætspil #tabletopgames #brettspiele
  • A gaming necessity #gloomhaven @folded_space #papaspapbar #glueingtime

Hvad siger Papas gæster?

“Fantastisk sted at tilbringe formiddag, eftermiddag, aften eller en hel dag. Dropper man de kendte spil og lader Papas guruer rådgive en, så åbner der sig en helt ny verden.
P.S Deres cortado er en af de bedste jeg har smagt.”

Kristoffer Vest 3. oktober 2017

“Hyggeligt sted med god ekspertise. De ved omtrent alt om alle spil – det er fedt. Har prøvet et nyt spil hver gang med stor succes 😊”

Ditte Folden Vind 8. juni 2017

“Dejligt sted! Gode drikkevare, venlig betjening, sjove spil og fantastisk stemning. Nemt og hurtigt at bestille bord her over facebook. Udover skønne brætspil får man også mulighed for at smage på drikkevare man ikke har prøvet før, og der er et fint udvalg af specialøl.
Kan varmt anbefales til en aften med vennerne, første date, forældre på besøg og eller en hyggelig eftermiddag.”

Emma Thyra Lund 8. maj 2017

“Indretningen af rummet giver en hel speciel stemning af at træde ind i en norsk bjælkehytte, hvor pejsen buldre i hjørnet og sneen raser og trommer på ruderne, alt imens du i selskab med venner og bekendte kan begive jer ind i nye imaginære verdener.”

Rasmus Kromann 11. september 2017

“Har længe gerne ville have været forbi jer, men det blev så i lørdags! Det var undskyld min franske røv hyggeligt og super fed stemning.
Blev så betaget af stemning jeg valgte med det samme at købe et årskort!
Man kunne ikke undgå at hører menneskerne omkring en grinede, småsludrede eller slog i bordet, hvis de tabte 😀
Super fedt konceptet i har fået på benene der og kommer helt sikkert igen og tager gerne flere med :)”

Frederik Møller 3. juli 2016

“Jeg elsker at komme på Papas, og en tur hjem til Odense betyder som regel også en tur på Papas og en masse sjove brætspil. Stort udvalg af spil og drikkevarer, og dejligt personale! Hvis jeg skal nævne een negativ ting ved Papas er det, at den ikke ligger i København så jeg kan komme noget oftere (og nej; Bastard i KBH er bare ikke det samme)”

Franciska Kirkegaard Flugt 7. august 2017

“Super hyggelig cafe, rigtig mange øko produkter i “baren” og det er nice. Masser af gode boardgames i forkellige genre og varianter, og den helt rigtige stemning til at lade timerne gå i godt selskab.”

Tore Nørtoft 29. december 2017